Commercial Window Film

Save energy, add comfort , and maintain work place efficiency with commercial window tinting films for your business. Whether you are a property manager, a business owner or an office administrator, everyone around you will thank you for installing window film.

Commercial Window Tinting Films

As business owners, we allocate valuable resources to make our retail atmospheres comfortable and enjoyable for our patrons. As employers we strive to keep our employees comfortable, motivated and productive. We also seek out ways to increase efficiency in every aspect. Llumar & Vista window tinting films can help accomplish these goals, while saving your business money and protecting investments you’ve made inside your building.

  • Protect retail storefronts from fading with 99.9% UV filtration.
  • Save energy and add comfort with up to 78% heat reduction.
  • Enhance glazing efficiency with improved SHGC & U-Value.
  • Reduce glare in offices, waiting rooms, lobbies and dining areas by as much as 93%.
  • Open your blinds and shades and enjoy an enhanced view.
  • Improve workspace efficiency.
  • Enhance interior & exterior aesthetics with a consistent, uniform appearance.

We offer free on site consultations and assessments, including an energy analysis to provide a time table for a return on your window film investment. Our experienced commercial window film sales team can provide you with all of the information and guidance you will need to choose a film to meet your specific objectives. Every customer is given the attention and guidance necessary to help you make choices that offer the rewards important to you and your organization.

Fade Protection

More factors contribute to fading than most consumers are aware. 40% of fading is caused by UV rays. 25% is caused by solar heat, and 25% is caused by visible light. The sun is a significant source of these factors, all of which can be significantly reduced with Llumar and Vista window tinting films.

Energy Savings

Energy continues to become more scarce and valuable. One of the biggest losses of energy from your home occurs through your windows. Glass, by its very nature, is highly emissive. This means that instead of reflecting energy, glass absorbs it and then allows it to pass through. Energy always flows from the high energy state to the low energy state. Therefore, in the summer when it is hotter outside and cooler inside, the energy (heat) is transmitted through the windows to the inside. In the winter when it is warmer inside and colder outside, the energy (heat) is transmitted through the windows to the outside. All of this occurs at your expense. Applying solar control window film makes the glass less emissive. Even if you have “Low-E” window glass, properly installed window film will further enhance energy savings and the effectiveness the glazing system to provide a more effective return on your investment.

Glare Reduction

Glare from windows can be problematic. There is not need to cover the windows at your business with expensive window treatments that block the view and disconnect you, your employees or patrons from the outside. Llumar & Vista window tinting films can reject up to 93% of window glare, and offer a visually crisp view through your glass. Take control of your business’s environment, and let your windows wear the sunglasses instead of you, your customers and your employees.

Enhanced View

We have windows in our businesses for a good reason. Michigan has much beauty to offer, and our windows connect us with the outdoors. Glare reducing window films offer an unobtrusive crisp, sharpened image through windows. Although window treatments add a decorative element, they certainly damage the view. Window tinting films can relieve window treatments from being relied upon for solar protection. Enjoy the view whenever you want to knowing you are protected with window film.


Metallized and neutral window films by Vista & Llumar can offer daytime privacy by means of exterior reflectance. These films are available in a wide variety of shades and reflectivity levels depending on each of our clients’ desires and expectations. If your business is in a high traffic area, you work with privacy sensitive information or just like to enjoy knowing that you can’t be seen, then metallized privacy window films may be a great compliment to the other added benefits of window tinting films.

Two-Way Mirror Films

Do you have a reception area that you want to be able to see out but wish to be private? What about an employee break room or administrator’s office you wish to be private without obstruction looking out? We can do that too.

  • Llumar & Vista Metallized Window Tinting Films
  • Llumar and Vista Neutral Window Tinting Films
  • Llumar & Vista Low Emissivity Energy Saving Films
  • Vista Nano-Ceramic Harmony Window Tinting Films
  • Vista Spectrally Selective Window Films
  • Enerlogic Low Emissivity – Patented Four Season Energy Saving Window Tinting Films
Contact us today and invite us to help you find the film that’s right for you.

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