Traverse City Homeowner Reduces Heat & Glare with Residential Window Film

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Traverse City Michigan Homeowners Benefit from Residential Window Film - Home Window Tinting in Traverse City, Michigan

We were thrilled to be able to help this Traverse City, Michigan homeowner resolve an issue with excessive heat, irritating glare and faded furnishings with residential window film. After consultation, the homeowner also mentioned that they did not want to increase exterior reflectivity as they live in a neighborhood. Once we discussed, we selected a home window film from Llumar … Read More

Window Film Enhances Richard Meier’s Douglas House in Harbor Springs, Michigan

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Window Film Enhances Richard Meier's Douglas House in Harbor Springs, Michigan

First, our team was honored to even be asked to install window film on a home of such renown. Richard Meier’s Douglas House in Harbor Springs, Michigan is one that is widely knows as an architectural masterpiece. According to Wikipedia, Construction began in Harbor Springs in 1971 and was completed in 1973 after a three-year construction period. When Meier furnished … Read More