Safety And Security Window Films

Llumar Magnum Safety and Security Window Film

Llumar Magnum Safety and Security Films can help to protect you and your family. Whether it is protection against vandalism, storm damage, or minimizing risk of a household accident, Security Film helps reduce personal injury and property loss. Even our standard window films will help hold shattered glass in place. Security Film is thicker (.004 millimeters to .015 millimeters) than standard window film and provides a distortion free, clear view without cloudiness or yellowish hues. Llumar is available in combination films that provide the energy control properties of standard window film with the added protection of security film.

  • Meet international building code requirements for safety glazing.
  • Meet GSA and Department of Defense requirements for bomb blast mitigation.
  • Protect against theft and vandalism.
  • Prevent physical damage to property.
  • Protect interiors against storm damage.
  • Injury risk management.
  • Protect valuable surfaces against graffiti and scratching.

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International Building code – Window Safety Glazing

Llumar Magnum Security film has been thoroughly tested to meet International Building Code requirements for safety glazing. This application is a great retrofit solution for existing windows to meet code requirements. Whether you are a homeowner, a contractor or a glass company, we can work directly with you or your client to get you approved for safety glazing without having to replace your windows. This not only saves you time and resources, but is typically much faster than lead times necessary to order tempered or laminated glass.

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Blast Hazard Mitigation

Due to the current elevated risk for terrorist attacks, more and more businesses and government agencies are taking precautionary measures to protect patrons, citizens and employees against potential bodily injury due to bomb blasts. Llumar Magnum safety and security films have been thoroughly tested against department of defense and GSA guidelines for proven mitigation against bomb blasts. When applied under GSA and Department of Defense testing standards Llumar Magnum window film doesn’t just hold glass pieces together but it holds the glass pieces within the frame. A film anchoring method is required to achieve required results.

Theft and Vandalism Protection

Llumar Burglary Deterrent Films can protect retail establishments at risk to smash and grab theft or vandalism. Burglary resistant films are a cost effective solution to a problem that most people would think requires the replacement of storefront glass, or the installation of steel gates. Llumar Magnum SCL SR MPS15 is a 15 mil thick clear safety film which can deter thieves from entering your premises. The film is applied directly to the glass surface, and is utilized in conjunction with a frame attachment system. This application is especially effective when installed upon glass storefronts at retail locations where valuable or high demand goods are sold. This film is suitable for pharmacies, audio video stores, jewelry stores and much more. Please click here to read more information.

Injury Risk Management

Reduce your liability by in areas that are considered high risk for potential accidents. Windows located near steps, in fitness areas or gymnasiums are examples of areas that may benefit from security film. Security window film can significantly reduce the risk of bodily injury due to falling into or out of a glass window. The film holds glass shards together, reducing the risk of severe lacerations due to falling into and breaking glass.

Use Llumar Anti-Graffiti Window Film to Protect Valuable Surfaces

Anti-Graffiti films are an inexpensive way to protect surfaces like granite, stainless steel, marble, mirrors and other surfaces against both intentional and unintentional damages. The clear grafitti film endures the damage, and can be removed and replaced as needed to keep expensive surfaces looking like new indefinitely. Meet Department of Defense requirements for bomb blast mitigation. Protect against theft and vandalism.

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