Four Benefits of Commercial Window Films

4 Commercial Window Film Benefits- Commercial Window Tinting in Traverse City, Michigan.

The open feeling and natural lighting that windows and glass walls create in an office building can make a space feel very inviting. However, these same features can have privacy-related drawbacks. These window film benefits can help you address the downsides and maximize the positive attributes of your windows. 4 Commercial Window Film Benefits Less Glare and Lower Energy Bills … Read More

Fall Home Improvement Project? 6 Ways Window Film Is Great!

Home Improvement Project This Fall? 6 Reasons To Make It Window Film - Home Window Tint and Film in Grand Rapids, MI

There’s no doubt that Summer is now a distant memory. Kids are fully engaged back in school and the cooler temperatures have started to arrive. As many people prepare to spend more time indoors, they often consider doing some projects around the house. Fall is a great time to take on a home improvement project. We recently read an article … Read More

Why Window Film Tops Home Improvement Projects Lists

Like Home Improvement Projects? Window Film Offers Great Benefits! - Home Window Tinting in Cadillac, MI

Do you like home improvement projects? If you answered yes, this article explains the benefits a professionally installed window film retrofitted to your existing glass can offer. See why window films are being used for home improvement projects all over the world. Why Window Film Might Be One Of The Best Home Improvement Projects It Can Give Great Benefits Without … Read More

Window Film Retrofit Upgrade Enhances Comfort and Helps Save Energy

Window Film Retrofit Upgrade Enhances Comfort and Helps Save Energy - Window Films and Window Tinting in Western, Michigan

We wanted to summarize some information contained in an article that appeared in Healthcare Facilities Today related to how a window film retrofit upgrade to existing glass can enhance comfort and help save energy in nearly any space. The article written by Steve DeBusk entitled Window Film Can Balance Comfort, Energy Savings discusses some primary sources of savings. While this article was written … Read More

How Professional Window Film Upgrades Home Windows in 2023

How Does Professional Window Film Upgrade Home Windows - Home Window Tinting in Western Michigan

Have you ever considered a professional window film for your home? In this article, we wanted to explain the variety of ways that professionally installed home window film can upgrade the existing windows in your house. Unlike window film products of years ago, modern, innovative window films let in desirable light, block harmful UV rays, add insulation against outside climate extremes, … Read More

Residential Window Tint – 5 Top Benefits to Consider

Residential Window Tinting - 5 Top Benefits to Consider - Home Window Tinting in Western Michigan

Residential window tint can be a very cost-effective way to reduce energy, minimize glare, protect your furnishings and increase the security of your home. The best part is that this film can typically be done as a retrofit to your existing windows with very little disruption to your home. 5 Top Benefits of Residential Window Tint CUT YOUR HOME COOLING … Read More

Window Tint & Window Film Benefits and Their Differences

Window Tint & Window Film Benefits and Their Differences - Window Tinting and Window Film in Western Michigan

Ever had to squint your eyes from bright glare or struggle to maintain a comfortable temperature in a sunny room? How about wanting some additional privacy or security from a glass surface? If so, you may have thought about a product that might be applied to your windows to solve this issue. However, if you do even a quick Google … Read More

Cut Home Energy Bills This Summer. Experts Agree Window Film Helps

Cut Home Energy Bills This Summer. Experts Agree Window Film Helps - Home Window Film in the Western Michigan area

We have all felt the sting of higher prices lately. Whether at the grocery store, gas pump or in your monthly utility bills, costs are rising. We wanted to offer some information that may help you buck that trend and possibly see your energy bills go down this year. Several recent articles in major publications have experts agreeing that window … Read More

3 Tips To Reduce Utility Bills, Save Energy & Keep Cool This Summer

3 Tips To Reduce Utility Bills, Save Energy & Keep Cool This Summer - Window Films To Save Energy and Reduce Utility Bills in Western Michigan

Even though the cooler outside temperatures are doing their best to hang on, the warmer days of Summer are on the way. Prices are up everywhere from the grocery store to your local gas pump, not to mention on your utility bills! An article in Forbes Magazine entitled “Six Tips To Save Energy, Reduce Bills And Keep Cool During Summer” discusses … Read More