Vista & Llumar Window Film Warranty sets the standard for the industry. Our films are backed by a CPFilms Inc. manufacturer’s warranty. If the film should prove to be defective within the warranty period, we will replace it at no cost to you–that’s the film and labor–FREE!! Depending on your choice of film, the warranty period ranges from 5 years (frosted matte films) to the lifetime of your window (solar films in residential applications). Additionally, All Season Window Tinting services your warranty. Just call us and we take care of the removal and replacement of your film and we do all the paperwork. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with the manufacturer’s warranty and our service!

Glass Breakage and Seal Failure

Vista offers substantial glass breakage and seal failure coverage at no additional cost. There are many misconceptions that window film will cause your window seals to fail or your window panes to break. Vista dealers are extensively trained to know what films can safely be applied to every given glass type and thickness. Although you may not be aware of your glass type, we are able to easily identify all of the specifics of your glass before making a recommendation for your windows.

With such extensive technical training of their dealers, Vista is able to offer the best glass breakage and seal failure warranties in the industry. Once again, all of these warranties are backed by the industry’s largest manufacturer with over 50 years of experience!

Window Film and Your Glass Warranty

Window Film and Your Glass Warranty – When shopping for the right film to use on your home it is important to know some things prior to applying anything. In most instances the application of solar control or glass enhancement films (Frost, stripes rice paper etc.) will void your manufacturer’s seal failure warranty. There are a few reasons for the glass manufacturer voiding this warranty.

The glass manufacturer has no idea who is installing the film or what film is being applied. As Vista dealers, All Season Window Tinting is extensively trained to know the intricacies of our products. This is not the case with many dealers in our industry. There are certain glass types that film is not recommended for use upon. If the wrong film is used upon a certain glass type the result could be glass breakage or seal failure. Obviously the glass manufacturer will not be held liable. Therefore they choose to void the glass warranty as soon as window film is applied. Insulated glass is not going to last forever. Insulated glass units are destined to fail from the moment they are manufactured. The failure could occur during the warranty period or well after. Either way, the manufacturer is able to escape the warranty from their units as soon as film is applied.

NOTE- The application of window film will not void your wood and hardware warranties. Only the insulated glass warranty is affected.

The Solution – Gold Warranty Coverage

The Vista Gold Warranty is highly valuable when your windows have substantial warranty coverage remaining. The Vista Gold Warranty will take over your window manufacturer’s insulated glass warranty. The coverage is not generic. The coverage is an exact match of your glass manufacturer’s warranty line for line, word for word. Should there be a claim, CPFilms Inc. will cover the insulated glass just as your manufacturer would. After the glass is replaced the film and labor to install it are included as well! So you will receive the replacement glass covered under your manufacturer’s warranty and film replacement with an exact film match. Deductibles for glass replacement may apply depending upon your glass manufacturer’s warranty coverage.