Reduce Your Utility Bills, Save Energy & Keep Cool With These 3 Tips

3 Tips To Reduce Utility Bills, Save Energy & Keep Cool This Summer - Window Films To Save Energy and Reduce Utility Bills in Traverse City, Michigan.

Summer is at its peak. Heat records are being set left and right. And prices are up everywhere from the grocery store to your local gas pump; not to mention on your utility bills! An article in Forbes Magazine titled “Six Tips To Save Energy, Reduce Bills And Keep Cool During Summer” discusses strategies that could be implemented to reduce utility … Read More

All About Safety Window Film

Learn all about safety window film, why it's useful, and how its application can help in Traverse City, Michigan.

Chances are, unless you’re in the window film business, you may not have heard of safety and security window film. But you should be aware of it because of its increasing presence in everyday life. From commercial buildings to homes and even vehicles, safety window film is everywhere. Beyond its practical applications, safety film is becoming an increasingly common sight … Read More

Four Benefits of Commercial Window Films

4 Commercial Window Film Benefits- Commercial Window Tinting in Traverse City, Michigan.

The open feeling and natural lighting that windows and glass walls create in an office building can make a space feel very inviting. However, these same features can have privacy-related drawbacks. These window film benefits can help you address the downsides and maximize the positive attributes of your windows. 4 Commercial Window Film Benefits Less Glare and Lower Energy Bills … Read More

Energy Saving Tips For Homeowners by Duke Energy

Energy Saving Tips For Homeowners by Duke Energy - Home Window Tinting In Northport, Michigan.

Who Doesn’t Want Some Energy Saving Tips These Days? Summer sun may be on its way, but with it comes the not-so-sunny reality of rising utility bills. As costs climb ever higher, many of us are looking for ways to keep our wallets a little cooler. Want to take a chunk out of those energy charges? We’ve got your back! … Read More

May Is Skin Cancer Awareness Month – Great Ways Window Film Helps

May Is Skin Cancer Awareness Month - See How Window Film Helps - Window Film and Window Tinting Services in Northport, Michigan

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. This is How Window Film Helps. Based on information from The Skin Cancer Foundation, over 5 million cases are diagnosed in the United States each year, making skin cancer the most common cancer in the United States. That is why observing May as Skin Cancer Awareness Month is so important. According to The Skin … Read More

Upgrade Existing Glass & Enhance Your Home With Window Film

Enhance Your Home Using Window Film to Upgrade Existing Glass - Home Window Tinting in Cadillac, MI.

Are you looking for ways to enhance your home without a major disruption to the space? Are you aware of all the innovative ways that window films can upgrade existing glass around your home? Nothing beats window films when it comes to enhancing the style and function of your windows, but that doesn’t mean they’re a one-size-fits all product. There … Read More

Improve Energy Efficiency of Home Windows in 2024

This article summarizes several noteworthy sources that discuss how professionally installed window films improve energy efficiency in homes.

Tired of rising energy bills? You’re not alone. While traditional solutions may seem limited, there are innovative ways to improve energy efficiency and comfort in your home. One option gaining traction is home window film. This cost-effective retrofit can significantly enhance your existing windows, making them more energy-efficient. Unlike window replacements, window film installations are less disruptive and can be … Read More

House Window Tinting: 7 Great Benefits You Should Know

This article provides a list of 7 noteworthy ways that house window tinting will benefit your next home improvement project.

Unveiling the Potential of House Window Tinting: Beyond Just Energy Savings Have you ever considered window tinting for your home? You might be familiar with the idea of tinting car windows to block sunlight, but window film technology offers a surprising range of benefits for your house as well. While increased energy efficiency is certainly a perk, it’s just the … Read More

Sun Damaged Floors & Furnishings – Great Fade Protection

Furnishing a home can be expensive. Protect your investment against sun damaged floors, furniture and furnishings with home window film.

Many people have been making investments in their homes in these past several years as they are planning to stay put with interest rates soaring. With the investment in home improvement, it only makes sense that you would want to protect against sun damaged floors and furniture. This article is designed to explain the true causes of sun damage and … Read More