House Window Tinting: 7 Great Benefits You Should Know

This article provides a list of 7 noteworthy ways that house window tinting will benefit your next home improvement project.

Unveiling the Potential of House Window Tinting: Beyond Just Energy Savings Have you ever considered window tinting for your home? You might be familiar with the idea of tinting car windows to block sunlight, but window film technology offers a surprising range of benefits for your house as well. While increased energy efficiency is certainly a perk, it’s just the … Read More

Sun Damaged Floors & Furnishings – Great Fade Protection

Furnishing a home can be expensive. Protect your investment against sun damaged floors, furniture and furnishings with home window film.

Many people have been making investments in their homes in these past several years as they are planning to stay put with interest rates soaring. With the investment in home improvement, it only makes sense that you would want to protect against sun damaged floors and furniture. This article is designed to explain the true causes of sun damage and … Read More

Stay Cool & Save Energy! The Benefits of House Window Films

Stay Cool & Save Energy! The Benefits of House Window Films

Higher Temperatures Expected – How House Window Films Can Help Save Energy The Old Farmer’s Almanac, a publication known for its long-range weather forecasts, has predicted a hotter than normal Summer for much of the United States in 2024. While their methods haven’t been scientifically validated, the Almanac boasts an 80% accuracy rate on their yearly forecasts. In addition, consumers … Read More

School Security Upgrades Addressed By Campus Security Magazine

School Security Upgrades Addressed By Campus Security Magazine - Safety and Security Window Film in Cadillac, MI.

A recent article in Campus Security Magazine entitled “Now Is the Time to Improve Your Campus Security and Safety Infrastructure” discusses why, with recent federal funding, school security upgrades should be a priority. The article starts by saying, “If your school district, college or university has outdated infrastructure (and, let’s face it, what educational facility doesn’t?), there is no better time … Read More

Upgrade Commercial Buildings with Innovative Window Films

Upgrade Commercial Buildings with Innovative Window Films - Commercial Window Tinting in the Cadillac, MI area.

Did you know that window tint and films are a cost-effective, retrofittable solution that upgrade commercial buildings by improving the safety, comfort, and energy efficiency of the facility? Furthermore, they can be easily installed to existing glass to solve some of the biggest concerns facing property managers today. Learn more about the benefits of these innovative products below. 6 Great … Read More

Glare Reducing Window Film Offers Improved Winter Comfort

Glare Reducing Window Film Offers Improved Winter Comfort - Home and Commercial Window Film Services in the Cadillac, MI area.

Are you aware of the benefits of glare reducing window film and why it might be even more important in the Winter months? We wrote this article to explain why glare is worse at this time of the year and how these innovative films can help. It may seem counterintuitive, but it’s not your imagination, the sun’s light and glare … Read More

Home Improvements – 3 Benefits Found With Residential Window Films

3 Reasons Why Window Film Should Be On Your Home Improvement List - Home Window Tinting in Cadillac, MI

As we begin into 2024, many of us might have some home improvement on our resolution list. As you consider what you may want to tackle, we are going to give you 3 reasons why implementing a high quality window film should be on that list. 3 Home Improvements Possible With Window Film Increased Home Comfort – Window films work … Read More

Decorative Film vs Custom Glass – 5 Great Window Film Benefits

Five Primary Benefits of Using Decorative Film Versus Custom Glass - Decorative Window Film in Northport, MI

Decorative film and decorative glass are popular in both commercial and home settings. The main reason is how versatile they can make a space. You can add elements of privacy, decor or branding without making a space feel enclosed. It is easy to see why these products are being used more frequently as commercial and home spaces are being reimagined. … Read More

Perfect Home Gift? – 3 Reasons to Consider Window Film

The Perfect Home Gift Might Be A Window Film Retrofit To Existing Glass - Home Window Tinting in the Cadillac, MI area.

How is Window Film The Perfect Home Gift? It’s officially that time of year again! People are often scrambling around to come up with gift ideas. Why not give a gift that continues to provide value well into the future? Considering that many people are spending more time in their home at this time of the year, we wanted to … Read More